No computer, a cellphone: No problem.

Ladies and gentlement, humans and those who pretend to be. .IPA (Intelligent Personal Assistants) are the stepping stone of what some people call to be “strong AI”. When I read about it, I said, great , now what?. I have no computer access, but my wife got a smartphone so I guess I can do something. First I opened the “play store”and downloaded an app to learn python. People I respect said to me ( and I’ll put this in uppercase)  START SMALL. Why waiting the so called perfect time? The perfect time is.the very moment when you turn off the TV , you start learning and act accordingly. I did it and it feels amazing.

A beginner’s question

As I was listening the interview to the amazing Kevin Kelly on the Tim Ferriss Show ( Right Here ) about Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (it’s worth listening, trust me.) I asked myself where should I start looking ?

Tim asked: ” What if someone said :You know what, I read about VR, this is really exciting , Im tired of my major, I want to switch gears and really inmerse myself. What would you suggest they do? ( They seem earnest, intelligent, commited, etc )”

Kevin Kelly replied: “I would say very, very easy, which is you purchase some gear and you start making VR. You actually do it, you get a pair of google cardboard, you get it for free and use your phone and start making VR and you’ll learn more than reading about it, than working, whatever it is. There is so much to be invented that somebody who just decides that they are going to work at this everyday or everyday on weekends or whatever it is can make a HUGE advance.”

So I turned to my old friend GOOGLE and typed “how to make artificial intelligence” ( just like that ) and went through the first ten pages of results  (just like this)

Captura de pantalla (46)

pretty obvious, right ? 

I did it to throw everything against the wall to see what sticks, I encountered mostly the journalistic side of AI rather than scientific articles ( but some of them like in Wired Magazine were very insightful )

What I noticed though is that IPA ( Intelligent Personal Assistants ) like Siri, Google Now, Cortana and others are the stepping stone for real AI so I guess, I will start there.

See you soon.


Its been a long day, learning it’s not easy, specially learning to live a meaningful life. Giving back to society is a real challenge, but they deserve better people, better citizens, better parents, better friends, better professionals, better strangers.

Im sick and tired of reading lots of different things and not solving any problem at all ( yes, its frustrating to feel useless) and being afraid of trying new things.

I decided to study Software Engineeering at BYU-I online, that’s why Im taking the Pathway Program.

This blog is intended to be a recording of what I am learning ( VR and AI ) throughout these years.